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Fabulous Facial:

Our signature facial.  Customized to fit individual needs; whether sensitive, oily, dry, dehydrated or dull to fabulously glowing skin in just 60 minutes!  The secret is in our potent serums that are packed with marine based collagen, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants such as vitamin C & vitamin E.  A fully loaded facial including: steaming, deep-pore cleansing (extraction), lymphatic drainage face/neck massage, & calming mask. ​ 

60 mins  -  $85 

Diamond Microdermabrasion:

A must for smooth and fresh glowing skin!   This resurfacing treatment gently sweeps off dead cells, revealing new skin.  A gentle (yet effective) exfoliation, the treatment can help improve the appearance of fine lines, acne scars and sun damage by helping serums to penetrate into skin much more effectively.  A fully loaded facial​ 

75 minutes  -   $125


Specially designed for acne prone skin to keep blemishes away.  A perfect blend of AHA (citric, mendalic, and lactic acids) exfoliants and AHA mask will dry out active acne/blemishes and help to diminish hyper-pigmented acne scars.   Deep-pore cleansing (extraction) included.  

Add on LightStim treatment is highly recommended to reduce red/inflamed acne (15 mins  -  $25) ​ 

60 mins  -  $95  

Homme Improvement:

A gentleman's favorite!  Anti-ingrown facial with lots of HOT towels!  No girly scented lotions and potions here.  A facial simply focused on deep cleansing and relaxing massage, ending with an application of ultra light matte finish face creme that you'd wanna take home.​    A fully loaded facial. 

60 mins  -  $95

Add On Treatments:

AHA Treatment:       

A combination of fruit based acids such as citric, mandelic & lactic acids, removes dead skin cells and penetrates skin to help with faster cellular turn over rate.  Ideal for congested, blemish prone, dehydrated, sun-damaged skin to eliminate inflammation, boost hydration and even tone.

Organic Yam & Pumpkin Enzyme: 

Phytonutrient rich fruit and vegetable enzymes help to fight the signs of aging.  Enzymes dissolve dead skin cells and supply vitamins.   It helps to minimize pores, smooths and  moisturizes skin.  A must for younger looking, clean and firm skin.  

Organic Clear skin Willow Bark Exfoliating Treatment: 

A deep cleansing and clarifying treatment for blemish/acne prone skin.  It clarifies and refines complexion without irritation while reducing the appearance of problem skin.  Active ingredients: willow bark (natural salicylic acid), biosulphur, tomato extract and lilac. Treatment helps to balance sebum, remove surface impurities, reduce pore size and inflammation.    

Organic Bright Skin Licorice Root Treatment:  

A solution to reduce the look of uneven pigmentation.  It gently exfoliate dead skin cells and reduces dark spots and hyper pigmentation.  Active ingredients are: licorice root, african potato, tara tree, baobab, clary sage.  ​​ 


$25 per add-on treatment

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